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Various x Reader tainted_virus. Summary: Lol shit isn’t proofread Started in 2015! Chapter 1: Clear x Reader ~ Jellyfish Song Chapter Text. Sway, Sway, Swaying. You were currently trying to sleep, but that voice wouldn't stop singing. You have had enough. [ TR x Reader] Những Mẫu Truyện Ngắn ... though it may. pls coddle and baby him. just hold his face in your hands and press soft kisses all over his face he loves that shit. rindou would then loudly ... and Sanzu genre: angst draken x reader draken x y/n draken x you draken headcanons 2021-ж. He's a former orphan ... Jul 01, 2021.

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"Of course you can go with me baby, I just thought it was a joke again." ... tokyo revengers headcanons ran haitani ran x reader izana x reader izana kurokawa south terano terano terano south ken ryuguji draken x reader draken hanma shuji shuji hanma tokyo revengers hanma hanma x y/n. 2,536 notes. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail;.

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Whether you ask to go home or not, Draken starts walking behind you every time you two go out together. Sometimes he doesn't realize he's doing it until you grab his arm and pull him to stand next to you. He just doesn't want you to go through that experience again. Imaushi Wakasa A lot like Draken, Wakasa doesn't usually get jealous.

thinks you phrased it like that on purpose. gives you a “what did you just say?” from the corner of his eye 😐. also teases the hell out of you when you start attempting to change your phrasing. “wow, thats so big- how does that even fit into something so small???”. “excuse me?”. “what? i said that your thing is so big, like how.

“Oh baby I’m sorry” Draken set my on his lap and hugged me tight “I can talk to Mikey and see if he’ll let me off the hook for not showing up on the next toman meeting” “huh? When’s the n-next one?” “ it’s on Mother’s Day baby” “Oh, um i-if it’s not to m-much to ask, please?” “Of course” Draken leans in and kisses (Name) on the lips.

-Draken and Mikey are both extremely protective of you. Let someone mess with you and that will be the last time that person ever tries to disrespect you. Draken won’t hesitate to beat some sense into them and once he’s finished, he’d preach the importance of manners to them..

• pairing: draken x gn!reader, chifuyu x gn!reader, mitsuya x gn!reader • requested by anon: reader being book smart but not street smart • genre: idk? • note: sorry it took so long to come baby, you asked for the haitani brothers but i didn't knew what to do with them so i just putted those three, hope that you'll like it anyway, please reblog!!.

• pairing: draken x gn!reader, chifuyu x gn!reader, mitsuya x gn!reader • requested by anon: reader being book smart but not street smart • genre: idk? • note: sorry it took so long to come baby, you asked for the haitani brothers but i didn't knew what to do with them so i just putted those three, hope that you'll like it anyway, please reblog!!.

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tokyo revengers tokyo revengers x reader tokyo revengers angst angst tokyo revengers kazutora kazutora x reader kazutora angst. Goods – Page 3 – animate Bangkok Online Shop. Their favorite type of hugs! ( Mikey, Draken , Takemitchi, Chifuyu, Kazutora) Originally posted by takemichihanagaki. 26-05-2022 - Khám phá bảng của Doraemon"Tokyo <b>Revengers</b>".

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The baby is kicking!" you call, he come running to you "Stop it, you're gonna hurt mama" he says looking at your belly, you smile as he put his hand on your belly his eyes suddenly widden when he felt the baby your son kicking again "he highfived me" he says making you laugh "he's excited to meet daddy huh?" he says.

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• pairing: mikey x fem!reader, draken x fem!reader, baji x fem!reader, ran x fem!reader • request by anon: Hi, can you do a headcanon for Mikey, Baji, Draken and Ran with a f!reader, their child is going to school for the first time and how will they react to their child crying, thank youu! • genre: fluff • note: thank you for the request it's literally so cute, this is so cute bye.

FALLING ASLEEP IN THEIR ARMS - kawata twins, hanma & draken. ☕︎. summary: before falling asleep in their arms, you tell them that you feel safe in their arms <3 characters: smiley, angry, hanma, draken reader: fem!reader, you’re their crush warnings: none, just fluff <3 note: this turned out a bit long idk why 🏃‍♀️ anyways tysm for requesting anon~ <3.

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Tokyo Revengers x Reader . Des histoires d'amour/ d'amitiés/de suspenses/ et autres en One Shot/ commandes/ ou par votre fidèle autrice (qui n'a pas fait grand chose en vérité) : moi ! Accompagné de : -Manjiro Sano (Mikey) -Ken Ryuguji ( Draken ) -Keisuke Baji -Chifuyu Matsuno -Takashi Mitsuya - Kazutora Hanemyia -Taiju Shiba -Hakkai Shiba. <b>Tokyo</b>.

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Give me love (like her) Characters: Draken Reader: female It all started just as a small Argument because you asked Draken to be home more often. If He wasn’t busy in his bike Shop, he was busy with some Gang matters.

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watch Tokyo Revengers (Dub) on 9anime dubbed or english subbed. Watch latest episode of Tokyo Revengers (Dub) for free. A sudden news report on the Tokyo Manji Gang's cruel murder of the only girlfriend he ever had alongside her brother only adds insult to injury. . Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date. <b>Tokyo</b> <b>Revengers</b> aired between April 11.

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BROKEN HOME, BABY. unfair, mother fate is quite the cruel one. it never did hide it well—the fact that you weren’t the one meant to stand by his side. that you were nothing more but a substitue, a stand-in, who just so happens to have fallen in this messy web of love. draken professed, promised, and swore on his life that he loved you above.

cruiser rv wiring diagram dell powerconnect 7024 default password 4d baby ultrasound. skid steer attachments auger. jeep compass elektro shopify stock forum ritalin adhd vs non adhd reddit. ... Draken x Male!reader Iniciada: 01/11/2021 🥇-- 1 #Draken 11/11/ 2021. Jihyun. Gifted. Anime Boy Smile. Animes Emo. Misunderstanding (Izuku Midoriya x Reader ) Request: Maybe an imagine where the reader Because he was quirkless, because Bakugo was good at everything and got everything he wanted. That's why he felt a pang of jealousy run through him when he saw her talking to Bakugo while avoiding him.

Feb 15, 2022 - Explore takato and chunta's board "draken/ draken x mikey" on Pinterest. See more ideas about tokyo ravens, tokyo, anime boy. .

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Tehee pp I’d like a Draken x fem reader one shot fluff pls. Where draken sneaks into reader’s room at night j to kill a spider for her and reader rewarding him a lil kissy, draken ended up wanting to sleep w her(not in that way) but we all kno he a big boy so they’re tryna figure out how to fit in the bed then they ended up w reader sleeping on top of draken :D.